Germany is one of the main brewing countries in the world. No one will argue with this statement. But it is rather difficult to choose the best German brewing mark. In this issue, everyone will have their own favorite. Therefore, I propose to dwell on such a formulation, which should all arrange. Wheat beer Franziskaner[…]



The monasteries of Belgium sacredly kept the secrets of one of the traditional arts for themselves – brewing. In newly formed abbeys, the monks brought their own recipes, which were adapted depending on what ingredients were available in this or that area. What was the reason that in the Notre Dame de Leffe built in[…]



Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, England – all the listed European countries are famous for their unique beer. In each of them they know how to make a foamy drink with unique features and unique taste. However, without Austria, this series, of course, will not be complete. Austrian beer has long been an[…]